Ecological Garden Design and Installation is a discipline carefully weighing design parameters presented by the client and the space itself to craft the best solutions in both function and aesthetics for your property – of any lot size.

From plantings, to construction of patios, rock gardens and retaining walls -ultimately your imagination is the limit. We will work with you from idea conception through to follow up client care.

A standard Design and Installation Process:

1) A Free Consultation: our experts will visit your property to assess your space and discuss your vision.

2) Site Analysis: an in depth process to document specifications and further evaluate existing and long term factors.

3) Concept Design: sketches, visits to nurseries and sample items. Often a collaborative process stage to ensure clients vision.

4) Design Refinement: a clear vision of garden design and installation has been achieved. Design layout, selection of plant species and building materials has been determined.

5) Hardscaping: a rudimentary and invasive process whereby markings are made and land is prepared for installation.

6) Installation: this stage brings your vision to life. Execution of planting, building and stone work layout occurs. Proper fertilization and seasonal treatments are applied followed by a pristine restoration by cleaned work areas. Welcome to your new garden oasis!

7) Follow Up: We appreciate our clients and longevity of their gardens… and also the integrity of our work. We will follow up with you to ensure satisfaction and provide answers to any questions you may have.

One of our areas of expertise is surveying varying urban lot sizes in need of rejuvenation through to ecological design and conscious garden installation. Green your city living.

A multi-phase process with intricacies that can begin on paper and often involve client participation at elements of design conception which include nursery and stone visits and input at key stages through-out the entire process if this is desired. Green Gardeners is receptive and encouraging of collaboration with our valued clients should you want to be involved at any step on the way to your desired garden space.

Types of Gardens we specialize in:

Shade Gardens, Native Plant Gardens, Rain Gardens, Drought Tolerant Gardens, Edible Forest Gardens, Japanese Gardens and many other specific designs.

We prefer to use natural stone in our flagstone paths, patios or retaining walls.

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