urn8Decorative Urns
are the perfect way to add a slight accent or “wow” impact on the exterior of your home garden all year round with flowering plants pots. We can customize the right selection of plants to compliment your unique needs and gardens features.

Greet your holidays guests with a dynamic display of colour and textures in a decorative urn display suitable for this time of year. We have plenty of holiday urn ideas for the fall and winter season.

Feeling festive and looking to ring in any Holiday season with evergreens, dogwood, eucalyptus, and other seasonal swag? Green Gardeners can design a distinctive and complimentary urn for the occasion at hand and at an affordable cost.

Transition your decorative urn from a frigid winter into spring with an early season display of bulbs, pansies, willow or hydrangea -decorative urns will provide a quick and manageable solution for personal enjoyment and curb appeal.

Fall Urn Planting: Have one of our trained urn specialists provide you with a cost-effective way to add some colour to your world. Fall urns can be planted with many things to brighten your day, even into winter. Get your grasses, kales, mums and more for a harvest-themed enhancement, or have us do an evergreen display that will keep you inspired in spite of the dropping temperature.

What’s the cost? Get a fall or winter urn planted starting at $75

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