Garden Clean Up Elements

  • Weeding gardens, lawns and paved surfaces (crack weeding)
  • Basic leaf removal or harvesting (optional) for hygiene or fertilization capacity building
  • Addressing the health needs of your garden
  • Transplanting and dividing existing perennials
  • Placement of plants for maximum curb appeal and aesthetics with mums asters and other plantings
  • Bulb planting
  • Best time of year to plant perennials
  • Top dressing
  • Fall pruning
  • Transplanting makeovers
  • Fall tree / shrub planting
  • Lawn over-seeding and top dressing
  • New bed creation using permaculture techniques that have little or no waste, stimulates soil biology and is inexpensive.

We pride ourselves on providing value priced garden clean ups that will transform your garden in less time without sacrificing quality.

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