We provide Ecological Yard Maintenance services to homeowners and condominiums that involve the most ecologically friendly techniques for lawns, gardens and the maintenance of paved surfaces. We are flexible in the frequency of visit and can visit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or an on-call basis.

Features of Lawn Maintenance

  • No-emission and quiet electric and battery powered mowing and trimming
  • We take the time to hand weed lawns (time permitting)

Features of Organic Gardening

  • No chemical pesticides or fertilizers
  • We are a member of the accredited “The Organic Landscape Alliance”

Features of Paved Surface Maintenance

  • Effective noiseless, non-polluting leaf blowers
  • We will take extra time to weed through cracks in paved surfaces

General Features

  • Our affordable rates are based on a proven expertise and sufficient block of time that we will spend on your property based on a wide history spectrum of clients needs yet always tailored to yours.
  • We offer flexibility to fit your schedule and quick response to requests

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