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After a long hibernation, the earth (and Green Gardeners) are starting our annual March to Spring Colours.

The weather forecasters recently adjusted the Spring to temper our hopes for a repeat performance of early greenings.   We shall see.

We are excited to begin our 7th season and have new updates and Spring Specials to the site coming very shortly.


West Queen West Edible Planters

2015 has been an incredible season for interesting projects. A notable mention are the West Queen West edible planter beds. In partnership with the BIA for the district, the Green Gardeners team rejuvenated the 77 planter boxes between Gladstone Ave. and Bathurst St. with native trees, edibles, forgotten medicinals, soil-building and pollinator-attracting plants. Now, as you’re strolling along the popular strip, bring your own salad dressing and pick yourself a healthy snack!

The goal of the project is to showcase the possibility of biodiversity, even in the smallest of spaces. Each planter is a lush, mini-ecosystem, and no two are the same. A harmonious mesh of function and aesthetics, over 90 species are included and 80% serve a purpose beyond just their beauty.

From native Sumacs, Serviceberries, and Willow trees; to Blueberries, Has Kaps, and Goji’s; to Horseradish, Comfrey, Kale, Nasturtium, Mint, Basil, Thyme, Oregano — the list goes on.

Check out the West Queen West Edible Planters Portfolio! If you have a space, big or small, that you would like transformed in to a polyculture enclave, Contact Us for a free consultation!

Is Spring Finally Here?

Fall is here!

A Pike County Hillside

The Autumn of 2013 is here. The leaves are changing colour, the days are shorter, and the nights are getting cold.

Although plants will still have a need for water on dry, windy, sunny days, the heat is down making it a great time to plant and transplant in the garden. New plants and transplants will have a chance to get established before the winter and will be well prepared for the dry season of next summer.

This too, means it is a great time to do overseeding. If you’ve got a lawn that you want to keep looking lush, now is a great time to apply new seed.

And, think about next years blossoms. Now is the ideal time to plant bulbs so your garden will burst into spring!

So, although it is getting cooler outside, the gardening season is not yet done! Contact us if you need assistance, coaching, or more information about fall gardening.

Gardening To Sell: first impressions are key to home staging

If you plan on selling your house this spring, remember that first impressions are key. It is amazing how far a little landscaping will go in increasing the property value of your home. Focus on:

Keeping it Clean: Prune, rake, mow, seed, water, mulch, weed etc.¬† Even if the inside of your house is immaculate, a frazzled looking yard will make the whole property seem like it’s a mess. If these chores don’t appeal to you, think about contacting your local Green Gardener for quick and easy maintenance.

Decorative Planters: Accent the entryway with fragrant flowers. Whether a large urn or hanging basket, pots full of colourful plants will help invite buyers into your home. Choose hardware that complements the style of you home. Accents like this will help buyers imagine living in the space; plants make spaces feel more calm, tranquil and livable. We specialize in creating lush, organic design, using locally grown plants and green fertilizers. 

Structural Plantings: Mind the gaps! Make sure that large features are balanced and used to accent the architecture of the house. Shrubs are useful for hiding gas meters and central air units, or breaking up a flat wall with colour and interest. Choose evergreens for year-long interest, or fruit bearing shrubs. Pick  shrubs that flower in the season you wish to sell for maximum impact.


Good landscaping will increase the value of your home, even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon. Not only do gardens improve the appearance of¬† a house, but also it’s ecological integrity. With the right plantings you can decrease heating and cooling costs on your home, decrease water use in the yard, and even establish food growing plants, such as fruit trees and edible perennials. Whatever your ultimate goal, Green Gardeners can help increase the value of your home through earth-friendly landscaping.



Common Plant Disorders, Diseases and Pests…Top 10 Lists

“What’s wrong with my plant?” You ask as you walk through your garden and¬†notice subtle indications of malaise to complete devastation of what was recently a thriving healthy plant or garden. It can be overwhelming to identify what exactly has gone wrong. The key is an accurate and speedy response to symptoms. An expert can be hired or a guide on plant ailments can be a great tool to assist you in the task of identification, treatment and prevention such as the excellent comprehensive book title¬†“What’s Wrong With My Plant?” by Steven Bradley.

This post lists a basic top 10 overview of disorders, diseases and pests.

A Plant Disorder stems from the physiology of the plant attributed to environmental factors (such as erratic watering, inappropriate lighting and temperature ranges ) and nutritional deficiencies. Major nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (potash) as well as additional trace nutrients in lesser amounts. Each plant requires a fertilizer in different combination amounts.

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Downspouts- Save Water and Protect the Foundation of Your House

Downspouts are essential structural components in leading rain water away from your home. Dependent on your soil type –particularly clay – a poor downspout design can have a damaging impact on the foundation of your house . PVC downspouts are a great eco-friendly alternative that are weather/ rust proof and withstand much more weight than the traditional metal medium and offer the opportunity to create a new system that collects rainwater.

Improve the value of your home and water costs by looking into this alternative. Green Gardeners can help you with this initiative.

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Winter Gardening – there is more to do than feeding the birds…

Heat up some cocoa and throw your woolies on, there are a variety of hardy plants such as evergreens, uncut perennials and ornamental grasses that will add depth and colour to your garden through the winter season. Decorative urns, statues, wood and stone work also offer design permanence through the cold phase.

When the ground is covered in white and your thumb is still feeling green there are still activities you can do to nurture the health and look of your garden outdoors:

– Wrap delicate shrubs and trees before the worst of cold arrives.

– Cover garden beds with more mulch, leaves or soil if you notice plants are beginning to heave out of ground.

– Remove broken branches as they occur and fluff off snow from evergreens to prevent further breakage.

– Apply dormant oil as spring approaches to prevent pest infiltration as they begin to come alive. Be sure to check which plants are sensitive to this treatment to avoid damage: such as junipers, spruces, maples, smoke trees …..

Ingredients for a non toxic dormant oil recipe:

1 cup vegetable oil
2 tablespoon  biodegradable liquid soap
1 gallon water

….enough for one mature fruit tree.

On the contrary we may have a mild season too so expect to see the unexpected – possibly your rosebush in full splendour along with yew, rose hips, mugo pine and member of the cedar and sedum families.

In short, even though your garden will be resting it can still be enjoyed and nurtured.

PS. Don’t forget to make a snow angel.

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Mildew Prevention in the Garden – The Common Cold of the Plant World

That powdery suspect on your plant is mildew. Your plant may be in good health but like the common cold it can strike when the factors are just right. Its a highly contagious condition that may not be fatal but severely compromise your plants health.

Any combination of moisture in stagnant air, dry soil, overcrowding and too much shade can result in mildew. With fall being a time for all of these variables to occur below are a few recommended steps for prevention:

– avoid wetting foliage by watering at ground level.

– remove garden debris and deadhead exhausted perennials to deny spread.

Р natural fungicide sprays to combat mildew include wettable sulfur, baking soda,        apple cider vinegar and garlic concoctions. Be sure to apply these at cooler periods of the day such as early morning or evening.      Be sure to test on a small area first and wait 24hrs. Also wear a mask and gloves to prevent any reaction.

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Bulb Planting Ideas…and tips to deter squirrels from them

The season has arrived to plant our beloved bulbs.  The squirrels are all too excited about this. But so are we.

Green Gardeners can help you dig now to enjoy a blast of colour in the spring and beyond. Consider a vivid spring arrival of a “rainbow garden” using a variety of bulbs. ¬†Or a random placement of Scilla adding an complementary indigo touch of magic in the tapestry of your green lawn.

Crocus, Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacynth, Iris, Allium, Snowdrops and Scilla are just an example of hardy bulbs for fall planting which in some zones can extend into December planting. Although in this case as in most Рthe sooner the better due to unexpected early frost. Bulbs benefit from the winter dormancy and soak up the gradual moisture of melting snow to help them bloom. Applying a mulch will also keep winter weeds at bay.

As for the bushy tailed collectors a few ways to deter them from unearthing your bulbs include:

1) Sprinkling bloodmeal (reapply after rain) or plant several crown imperials (Fritallaria imperius) or Rhubarb¬†-they don’t dig the smell.

2) Cover the planted bed with a layer of sharp gravel – for the same reason we humans wouldn’t want to walk on it barefoot.

3) Place a piece of wide gauge hardware cloth over bed after planting .

4) If you want to keep it really simple – stick to only daffodils and hyacinths….they wont go near them. Not that we know of yet.

Green Gardeners can source the assortment of bulbs perfect for your garden and do the digging  and soil treatment for you.

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