Gardening To Sell: first impressions are key to home staging

If you plan on selling your house this spring, remember that first impressions are key. It is amazing how far a little landscaping will go in increasing the property value of your home. Focus on:

Keeping it Clean: Prune, rake, mow, seed, water, mulch, weed etc.¬† Even if the inside of your house is immaculate, a frazzled looking yard will make the whole property seem like it’s a mess. If these chores don’t appeal to you, think about contacting your local Green Gardener for quick and easy maintenance.

Decorative Planters: Accent the entryway with fragrant flowers. Whether a large urn or hanging basket, pots full of colourful plants will help invite buyers into your home. Choose hardware that complements the style of you home. Accents like this will help buyers imagine living in the space; plants make spaces feel more calm, tranquil and livable. We specialize in creating lush, organic design, using locally grown plants and green fertilizers. 

Structural Plantings: Mind the gaps! Make sure that large features are balanced and used to accent the architecture of the house. Shrubs are useful for hiding gas meters and central air units, or breaking up a flat wall with colour and interest. Choose evergreens for year-long interest, or fruit bearing shrubs. Pick  shrubs that flower in the season you wish to sell for maximum impact.


Good landscaping will increase the value of your home, even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon. Not only do gardens improve the appearance of¬† a house, but also it’s ecological integrity. With the right plantings you can decrease heating and cooling costs on your home, decrease water use in the yard, and even establish food growing plants, such as fruit trees and edible perennials. Whatever your ultimate goal, Green Gardeners can help increase the value of your home through earth-friendly landscaping.